In 1866 Adolf Wilhelm Wimpff founded the forge works which was the basis of today's hammer works. A flexible and innovative company, closely associated with steel products, developed for forming and processing steel. A challenge met by the Karl Wimpff Hammer Works time and time again in its over 150 years' history.
  In 1886 the company was involved in the construction of the first car, the airship construction company Zepplin believed in the quality of the Wimpff company and Robert Bosch knew about the high quality philosophy of the Swabian craftsman business.
Wimpff always read the signs of the times. This is why today not only the conventional forging is carried out in the high performance hammer works but also the most modern technology is used. Programmed CNC-controlled manufacturing of seamless steel rings came natural to Wimpff, even at an early stage. Nevertheless despite technical advances something never changed at Wimpff: Close contact to the customer. Certainly a reason why many companies rely on quality products from Wimpff.